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Great Wedding Favors for 2020:Ultimate Guide

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Finding the right wedding favor for your guests will involve deciding whether you want to be traditional in your gifts.


Find something more meaningful and personalized, or possibly expressing your commitment to the environment with something earth friendly and low impact. 

Once you have read the answers to the frequently asked questions below, you will be ready to select great wedding favors that do not cost a lot of money.



1)Here show you the list of wedding favors

A picture frame to capture a candid moment
Simple glass jar filled with candies for a sweet tooth
Gift Certificates for Fast Food or A Movie Rental
Pretty box for keepsakes
Colorful notepads
Address books
Photo Albums
Christmas ornaments
A Fancy Writing Pen
Bath Beads
Decorative Vase
Gourmet Jellies
Personalized Mug Filled with Candies
Sparkling Cider
Personalized Writing Stationary
Herbal and Spiced Teas
Pound of Jelly Beans or Pistachios
Gourmet Popcorn in many different flavors
Decorative Napkins for 4 Table Settings
A small Fruit Basket
Disposable Cameras for the Reception
Liquor Filled Chocolates
Chocolate Dipped Spoons
Decorative Ashtrays/Soap Dishes
Flower Seeds
Personalized Soda/Chocolate Bars

Hopefully, you've found something that you hadn't though of before. If not, don't worry-you'll find the perfect wedding favor in the coming days.


Think back to the previous weddings you have attended. What kind of favors did they give their guests?


Do any of the inexpensive items on this list coincide with their wedding favors?



Here are some favor ideas that can complete a unique type of wedding.


1.Practical Wedding Favors

Another thing that makes a favor unique is if it is not intended to be used as a favor, alone.


Meaning, a unique wedding favor can be something that can serve a dual purpose or something functional even after the wedding has ended. 


Practical favors come in different types of useful items such as bottle openers, tape measures, playing cards, wine stoppers, refrigerator magnets, pens, luggage tags, tea infusers, mugs, shot glasses,  hand fans, salt and pepper shakers and etc.


2.Customized Wedding Favors

another great idea to come up with unique favors is to find custom favors. With such items, you'll let yourself add your own personal touch onto your wedding favors.


You will be able to show off the kind of personality you have, as well as your creative side. There are lots of custom-made wedding favors available out there.


You can find most of them online, where lots of online stores specializes on different types of favors, including custom-made ones.


3.DIY Wedding Favors

Last but not the least are the DIY favors. If you really opt for something unique, then do-it-yourself favors will never fail you, as there's nothing more unique than something made by yourself.


Get creative and feel free to include anything that's within your taste. You can find DIY kits as well as other materials and adornments you can use at your local craft stores.


You can make and decorate your own edible, decorative or useful wedding favors, according to your will.


Remember that anything that is made out of your mind and creativity will always highly appreciated.


Try to browse the Internet to find some more unique favor ideas. Just always keep in mind your budget, and take time when you shop so that you can compare prices.


Remember, you don't have to break your bank just to follow a tradition. There's a lot of ways on how to trim down wedding expenses.


Opt for cheap favors and other wedding supplies, but hat doesn't mean you are sacrificing the quality of your wedding.


Shop online, where you can find affordable favors, yet as elegant as lavish ones.


What are some traditional wedding favor ideas that are not too expensive?
Probably the most common favor would be candy.


Everyone loves candy, and it is a reasonably inexpensive option to give your guests. 


Once wedding I attended had created their own custom labels with details about the bride and groom and the wedding date, and then slipped the labels over Hershey's chocolate bars. 


Another common and traditional candy favor is M&M's or Jordan almonds wrapped in a decorative mesh bag,


If candy is not your cup of tea and you still want to go the traditional route, your guests might enjoy a nice hand crafted decorative candle, or an engraved candlestick. 


These are both nice gifts that will remind your guests of the special day you spent together.




If you have a special book or poem that means a lot to you and your fiancée, consider offering a copy to all of your guests, with a personal inscription or note written on each one.


You could have poems printed on nice stationary and then roll them up like a scroll. Use your creativity and there are many inexpensive ideas that your guests will love.


I am very conscious of the environment. How can my wedding favors express my joy on this special day while still demonstrating my commitment?


As you can see, cheap wedding favor ideas come in a variety of flavors. 


Whether you are choosing traditional, meaningful, or something that represents your own ideals and values, you will be able to save a lot of money by following the do it yourself tips above. 


Now that you have seen some of these ideas, you are ready to go out and come up with some creative ones of your own.


Tie some ribbon onto your wedding favor once you've put it together.


You may have pre-printed labels that display your names and the date of importance to remember.


If not, you can purchase colorful ribbon from a gift shop.



These gifts should somehow remind your friends about the memorable day that you would now celebrate as your wedding day forever.


Gifts Are Always Exciting

It does not matter how old you are, a gift would always be exciting. It is more so, when there is a special event such as a wedding being celebrated. 


All your guests would surely look forward to what you would offer as the wedding reception favor. Make the gift worth the wait; make it exciting, innovative and fun.


There are people who have offered their guests lottery tickets as wedding favors; others, advance invitation for the first anniversary party.


Yet other people gifted magazine subscriptions,elegant designer handbags, wine bottles,sterling silver necklace and so on.


Each one of these gifts was meant to make the guests smile with joy when they received it; and to remember the wedding day for a very long time.


So, when you plan your wedding, pay attention to the process of choosing the most suitable wedding reception favors.


It would be worth the trouble you are taking. 

1.Choose the seeds that you want to give as favors. There are many kinds of seeds that you can use for your wedding seed favors from flowering plants to trees to decorative house plants.

2.If you have a favorite flowering plant or if your fiancée often gives you a certain kind of flower then you may want to give the seeds of that flower as it has deeper meaning for you and your guy.


3.Divide the seeds and place them inside wedding seed packs. Create a personalized seed packs to hold the seeds, let your wedding theme be your guide.


4.Insert an instruction sheet inside the packs on how to grow the seeds. Don't forget the instruction sheet! You will want to make it easy for your guests to grow these flowers!


5.Place the seed packs inside wedding favor bags and display them during the wedding. To make it handy for your guests you may consider putting their wedding favors inside wedding favor bags, if you can make the bags personalize too that is even great!


6.Attach seed packs to laminated bookmark favors with a photo of the flower.


There are many kinds of seeds that you can use for your seed wedding favors from flowering plants to trees to decorative house plants. 


Choose something that has meaning to you and let your wedding theme be also your guide.


If your wedding is anchored on a particular theme then you can find seeds that reflect your theme.

Flower Wedding Theme
A wedding theme based on flowers is an easy one. You can prepare wedding seed packs of different kind of flowers, you can throw in petunias, sunflowers, snapdragons etc.


If your flower theme is focused on a particular flower such as geranium then for variety you can select different colors of geranium like white, violet and blue.


For weddings with themes other than flowers, it is still easy to connect the seeds to the theme by placing the wedding seed packets inside a theme decorated wedding favor bags.


Samples of wedding seed packs that you may try for different wedding themes:


Beach or Seashore Wedding
The best option for beach or seashore theme wedding is going for the shrubs or flowers that grow near seas and oceans.


Recommended ones are Bayberry if you favor bushes; Sweet Pea if you like vines or Rosemary if you are a fan of herbs.


To create the beach vibe, you can place the seed wedding favors inside miniature pirates' treasure chest, giant sea shells or wedding favor bags decorated with mini seashells.


Weddings with a Western flare
Western usually makes one thinks of desert, cowboys and cactus. Desert flowers like Galliarda and Desert Marigold are ideal for this theme. You can put the seed packets in small pots or miniature cowboy hats and distribute these pots all around the venue.


Romantic Theme like Valentines or Sweetheart Theme
One of the first choices when presented with Valentines or sweetheart theme is roses, but there are many other flowers that are also just as romantic. You may want to include wedding seed packets of forget-me-nots, bell flowers and sunflowers.


Themes Based on Colors
The best wedding seed packs for color based themes are those seeds of flowering plants that are of the same color as your wedding color motif.


 If your theme is blue and white, you can select the seeds of white daisies and blue geranium.


To make your favors more vibrant you can place the seed packs inside a velvety blue pouch or a wedding favor bags in aqua.


Another great color combination would be lavender and gold, this color combination is best reflected by choosing wedding seed favors of violets, purple irises, lilacs placed in golden boxes.


Hopefully the above ideas will provide you with some inspiration to come up with your own personalized seed wedding favors.


Make sure that you insert an instruction sheet on how to grow and take care of the seeds!


Bridesmaids Wedding Theme Favors
When choosing your Bridesmaids wedding theme favors, know whether you would like a favor that can be consumed or something for them to treasure.


The choice is yours and there are many things to choose from in either category.


There are websites that can give you plenty of options to choose from. For example, if you planned to have a memorable themed wedding, you can get some elegant clutches,chocolate,meaningful wedding jewelry as bridesmaid favors.


If your having a summer wedding you can get personalized Ice Cream cone Towels or even some customized Gourmet Coffee.


Keep in mind again, that your gifts or favors, that you give your Bridesmaids, should be special and you may even want to personalize each with a handwritten note or something that gives a unique message specifically to you and the individual Bridesmaid.



There are a lot of couples who are planning a wedding on a budget. In this case you will need to go for some discount item. 


Yet, planning a wedding on a budget does not mean that you cannot get some beautiful items. You will be able to get something elegant if you can be creative about it. 


Here are some things you have to put into consideration.

1.Number of wedding favors - This is not just simply according to your preference. It is also dependent on the type of favor you will be giving. 


Also, alcoholic favors for instance, will not be suitable for minors and should only be given to adults. 


Finally, if you get edible favors, like cupcakes, you may want to get some extra in case some people decide to eat extra.


2.Where to buy - When buying from a local store, make sure they offer delivery even if they are near your area. 


Especially for favors that needs to be delivered on the wedding day itself (such as edible favors), delivery is important as you may not be able to arrange pick-up for them. 


3.When buying online, check the shipping rates and the taxes that may be applied to your purchase.


If you are planning an intimate small wedding, many online favor stores have minimum quantities when ordering wedding favors, so be aware of these restrictions.


4.Packaging - Add to your budget the cost of your packaging. Depending on your favor, your packaging can either be a favor box or a favor bag. 


You may also want to add ribbons, laces and other embellishments to accessorize your favor. 


5.Favor Labels - To make your favors truly personalized, add favor labels. This can either be a mini card, a hang tag or a sticker label. 


For hang tags, you will need tags and a special string or use the ribbons itself. For sticker labels, you just need the sticker label itself.  


Add a small percentage to your total cost as well if you want the prints to be colored or if you want photos to be incorporated into the design.


Remember that wedding favors are not just simple tokens that guests get to take home and remember your wedding. 


More importantly, wedding favors are one of the tangible ways you get to say thank you (apart from the thank you notes) to your guests for making your wedding extra special.

wedding favors are a great way to thank your guests for sharing in your celebration! They're also a fun little extra to tie in the style of the occasion.

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