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Ultimate Guide For Bridal Shower Ideas(Collection Now)

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The bridal shower has become an integral part of the wedding event, a celebration of the brides impending union and a chance for her and her friends to let their hair down in advance of the event.


There are few rules to bridal showers other than that they should be fun for all, so here we look at some bridal shower ideas to help plan the event.


Let's break down now





Or you're the bride-to-be, and even though you won't be planning your own shower, it helps to have an idea of what to expect (especially if your maid-of-honor is show on the draw).


Read on for everything you need to know about bridal showers...


What Is It - Traditionally, a bridal shower is an opportunity for the bride's close female friends and relatives to "shower" her with items she'll need to make a new home and enter into marriage.



Like many events and customs surrounding weddings, the rules for bridal showers have bended a bit.



Guest lists often include male attendants, and gifts don't necessarily have to consist of hand towels and kitchen appliances.



When Is It - Showers typically take place a few weeks or months before the wedding but can really occur any time that's convenient for the group to gather.



If the bride has a lot of long distance bridesmaids, they may choose to plan the shower and bachelorette party over the same day or weekend.



Who Hosts - The maid- or matron-of-honor traditionally plans and hosts the bridal shower, enlisting the help and input of the other bridesmaids.



It's typically viewed as impolite and self-serving for the bride's close family members (mom and sis) to host the bridal shower, since it's a gift giving event.



The etiquette around this has relaxed somewhat, however, especially if the maid-of-honor and other bridesmaids live far away and are unable to host.



Who's Invited - The guest list includes all the bridesmaids, bride's mom, sister(s), and other family members, as well as the groom's close female relatives.



Other friends and even co-workers may attend. As couples showers are becoming more popular, spouses and the groom's attendants are also joining in the fun.



Really, the only rule pertaining to the shower guest list is that everyone invited to the shower must also receive a wedding invitation. (etiquette says: if they're important enough to attend the shower - and bring a gift - then they're important enough to attend the main event).



The bride and shower hostess should consult before sending out the shower invites to make sure the guest lists match.



Where Is It - The style of the party will usually dictate the location, so the 'maids can get creative with the shower venue. Here are some ideas: a tea room, a garden, a park, a backyard, a friend's house, any restaurant or function space.


What Happens - Bridal Shower Games - Since bridal showers center on gift giving, the bride will usually open gifts surrounded by guests.


One bridesmaid will keep track of who gave what to help her with thank-yous after the event.


Another shower custom is the mock "bouquet," which the bridesmaids will create out of the package ribbons and bows for the bride to carry down the aisle at the wedding rehearsal.


Planned activities and games are a traditional shower staple, but don't feel restricted to the typical "pin the tail on the groom" or "toilet paper wedding dress."


If you're looking for something a little bit different, consult these ideas for bridal shower games Other requisite shower activities include - eating, laughing, and a little female bonding.


Ideas & Trends - Incorporating a theme can make planning a bridal shower easier and more fun. Remember, the bridal shower doesn't necessarily have to be a girly tea party.



If the bride isn't that type of girl, there are tons of options for themes based on her interests, whatever they may be - reading, gardening, outdoor activities, volunteerism, you name it. 




The following is a general timeline guide to help you stay on track.


Invitations should be sent out at least a month prior to the bridal shower date. This gives out of town guests' time to plan for accommodations or travel, while giving everyone time to help plan and get a gift.


Sit down with the bride and go over a list of who to invite a few weeks before you plan on sending out the invitations.


This will give you time to verify the list again just before ordering invitations, and to make sure your guest count does not exceed your bridal shower venue.


Budget and Funding
Bridal showers are not cheap. Typically a bridal shower is hosted by the maid of honor or a close relative of the bride.


Usually the person planning the bridal shower is also responsible for funding the food, decorations and favors.


However, in today's economy more family members and bridal party members are helping offset the costs. Start planning the bridal shower at least six weeks out from the actual date.


This will give you enough time to budget, but also allows other members to help come up with funds so that you are not the only person paying.


Get a list of who will help pay for the bridal shower and how much they will contribute, before you start planning.


By having a budget in front of you, you can make sure that no one breaks the bank while hosting a shower (especially yourself!)


Theme and Decorations
Themes do not have to match the wedding theme, in fact they probably should not.


The theme should strictly match the personality of the bride, rather than the bride and groom together.


After you have selected your budget, start brainstorming themes that are within your budget limits.


For example, a luau theme would be on the higher end of the budget, while a tea party can be relatively inexpensive.


Order decorations based on your theme at least two weeks prior to the shower date.


This will give you enough time to ensure the decorations arrive and to make any changes if something is damaged or out of stock.


The Menu
The menu should be one of the last things planned for a bridal shower. This can be done two weeks prior to the shower once everyone has sent in their RSVP.


Base the menu off of the bridal shower theme (if there is one) as well as the guest count.


Some menus are more suited for larger bridal shower guest counts, while others work best for smaller groups.


Buffet items, for example, work when you have guest counts over 20. You can use a cocktail hour or small appetizers when you have less than 20 guests.


This is because is it best to serve at least five different appetizers for a cocktail hour, which can get costly when you have to do five different appetizers for 20 or more guests.


If you have a particularly small group, you may even want to go to a nice restaurant, hotel, or spa for a shower that is completely unique.


o Cut out for Love- Invite close family and friends to bring their best cookie recipes for the bride-to-be. During the shower each person can exchange recipes. Allow time to bake a few batches of cookies that day for dessert.


As a special way of thanking your guests, give each attendee a set of heart-shaped cookie cutters to take home with them.

o Girl's Night Out- Host the perfect girl's night out. Ask your girlfriends to share helpful advice about love and relationships.


Make it an overnight event, if possible. This will be your last chance to spend the evening at a slumber party!


Don't let your girlfriends leave without giving them a glamour girl lipstick pen to remember your special occasion.

o Love is Brewing- Throw an intimate tea party for your close family and friends. Allow your guests to bring their favorite tea(s) to share. Give your guests a heart-shaped tea infuser to remember your special day.

o Quotes of Love- Invite each guest to share there favorite "Love quote". Allow everyone to write their quote in a journal for you to read in years to come. 

o The Perfect Pair- Invite couples to attend your bridal shower. They are to be referred to as that couple during the length of the shower.


Each pair will take turns acting out a scene from the TV show. This will be loads of fun! Send each couple home with a pair of salt and pepper shakers as your token of appreciation.

The key to hosting a memorable and unique bridal shower is to select a theme that fits the bride's personality. The theme should fall in line with the type of guests you are inviting. 

Lastly, give your guests a bridal shower favor that reflects the theme of the shower. Your guests will be sure to remember the great time that they had!



Here are some popular themes from traditional to the more contemporary ones that will help give you some really, great ideas to begin -

-Honeymoon Themes
-Ethnic Themes
-Pajama bridal showers
-Garden Bridal showers
-Garden Tea Parties
-Kitchen Themes
-Round the House Shower
-Mystical Themed Shower
-Wine tasting Theme
-Afternoon Tea Party
-Around the Clock
-Stock the Bar
-Cruise Party
-Fitness Themed Showers

To lend an authentic touch to the theme, you can incorporate elements like wedding decorations and centerpieces.



If you browse the internet, you will discover unusual but great bridal shower ideas, themes, gift ideas, favor ideas, games and last but not the least, menu ideas.


Now that you know how to go about throwing the best bridal shower in town, you can start planning right away!

Destination Shower - the bride and bridesmaids take a trip to a destination location for the bridal shower such as a cabin, hotel or bed and breakfast to spend time together and reminisce, while having fun. More unique shower ideas for the destination shower might include camping, yachting, and skiing.

Kitchen and Recipe Showers - Friends bring their recipes and utencils. A fun game to pay is for each guest to bring a unique recipe idea, and to put them in a hat as a draw and then make the food item.


Slumber Party Shower - Always a classic, your guests bring their pajamas, popcorn, and teddy bears and everyone relaxes around the T.V. for a night of nostalgic movies and cartoons, or simply talking about love.

Classic Games Shower - Simply write down a list of the board games you used to play as a kid, and get each guest to bring one. You'll have a great time reminiscing over past memories!


Some popular favor ideas for bridal showers are candies, votives or tea lights, flavored lip balm in decorative packages, soaps and bath and body gift baskets, makeup kits and disposable cameras.


1.Let dessert be the center of attention (at least until the bride gets there). Order a decorated cake specially for the shower, using the bridal party colors and theme.


Everyone wants to see the cake before it's cut, so give them ample opportunity to do so by putting it at the centre of the table.


Decorated cupcakes can be used instead of a cake and may cut down on the messy job of cutting the cake later on.

2.Flowers are always a winner. Simply picking up some flowers at a local store and arranging them in a beautiful vase can make a gorgeous centerpiece for any occasion, including a shower.


And you can make the vase a gift for the bride and send centerpiece home with her when the shower is over. She'll have the flowers to remind her of a fun-filled afternoon, and the vase to remind her of your friendship.

3.Candles of any kind. Floating candles are always especially beautiful in centerpieces, and all you really need is a bowl, candles and water.


Throw in some decorative stones for some added color if you want. A pillar candle on a glass plate is also a simple but inviting touch.

4.A pair of champagne flutes and a bottle of wine or champagne on a fancy tray make a creative centerpiece for a bridal shower. For an added touch, place some fresh flowers or flower petals on the tray close to the glasses.


Ribbons can be placed around the bottle for some additional color. If you wish, the entire centerpiece could be a gift for the bride to take home.



There's a lot out there to choose from but by following these suggested guidelines you can sort through the junk to find the jewels.


Keep the bride in mind: 

Of course you want to give something that will delight her, as well as the guests. Does she have a certain style or passion that everyone knows about?


Say a purse or shoe fetish, crazy about zebra print, loves gardening, a chocoholic? You name it and there are favors out there that speak to it exactly.


Keep your guests in mind:

You have so many options when it is female only party. I've yet to see a party where the women weren't thrilled to receive beauty and spa favors such as body creams, body scrubs, lip balms, manicure sets, etc.


To make these really special opt for items that offer personalized labels. Also make sure these items are made with natural ingredients that you and your guests would want to put on your skin.


Give a gift that matches the theme of your party:

Having a wine or cocktail themed party? Coasters, personalized cocktail mixes, strawberries and champagne scented soap or wine glass candles all would work well. Is the theme


'A Garden Party'? If so small pots of miniature roses (most supermarkets sell these) wrapped in tissue paper, plantable seed feed favors, or flower shaped cookie favors are perfect! Having a theme can provide wonderful favor options.


Most importantly - you want to feel good about the bridal shower favor that you give. So unless you are absolutely thrilled to give the favor you selected, choose something else.



One of the most popular gifts are wedding jewelry pieces. Jewelry or accessories that matched bridesmaid dresses are an ideal choice to give on your bridal shower, and still works well even these days. You also want to choose a jewelry gift your bridesmaid could use later on.


Jewelry gifts like sterling silver necklace, earrings, pendants, anklets etc. are a great choice of wedding gift to present to each of your bridesmaids.


925 Sterling Silver Birthstone Necklace


Today, you can opt for personalized jewelry gifts which is a popular trend of modern weddings these days. You can a jewelry engraved with your attendant's name or initial.


A personalized jewelry gift could last for years and it will help your bridesmaid remember that once in her life she's been a part of your memorable day.


Jewelry gifts are usually expensive, however, there are less expensive options such as colored gemstone jewelry.


This suggestion is fun and less expensive, however, you need to choose the color of gemstone that best for your bridesmaids wedding outfits.


It is ideal to select pieces that looks elegant and have dainty designs as they would complement a formal look and not something very gaudy or flashy that most likely end up as trash.


A set of necklace and drop earrings that complements the bridesmaid dresses makes a great choice. 



925 Sterling Silver Female Fashion Diamond White Flower Earrings


Designer Handbags shaped clutch purse hooks favors are a novel favor idea. Your guests can use them immediately.



Fashion Lady Clutch Bag


Ladies can attach their handbags to the hook which can be placed on the side of the table.


Your girlfriends will just simply adore your present.




Hosting a party, even a simple one, for thirty or forty ladies is going to cost a bundle, no matter how carefully you watch the bottom line!


Let's see this wedding cost in infographic



Split between five bridesmaids, however, that big shower bill feels a lot more manageable.


Generally, the maid of honor will take on the job of organizing the bridesmaids to throw a party for the bride.


Keep in mind that when a group is planning the shower, the costs should be tailored to be reasonable for the bridesmaids with the lowest budget.


The point is not to throw a more fancy party, but to bring down the expense of hosting a nice shower for each person who is paying.


Something else that bridesmaids can do to keep the cost of throwing a shower under control is to go in together on a gift.


When you are in the wedding party, it is natural to want to give the bride an extra-special gift.


Pooling resources is a great way to give a more impressive gift without anyone spending more than she can afford.


Some popular ideas for group gifts from the bridesmaids include wedding jewelry, a stand mixer, or a set of really good knives (always give a penny with a knife gift for good luck!).


Before purchasing the wedding jewelry or other group gift, be sure to get all the girls to agree on how much each one will contribute...otherwise, you may end up paying more than you planned if one bridesmaid only wants to throw in $20 when everyone else is contributing $40! 

A wedding favor is a small token of appreciation given by the bride and groom to the guests who have come and witnessed their holy union.


It is a token which will be a taken by the guest to their home as a memorabilia of the event.


As this remains in the hands of the guests for a long time, most of the couples are giving a good thought into what they should give on their wedding day.

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