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14 Amazing Bridal Shower Themes Will Inspiration on Wedding

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Themes are a fun, creative way to spice up a traditional event.


Bridal showers are most than just a day for the bride to help her prepare for the big day, they are also a time to enjoy the company of family and friends.


It is important that the bride use the shower as a way to express her personal style and tastes. that's where bridal shower themes come in. Here are some wonderful theme ideas:


1.Luau Shower: Decorate for a luau! Think Hawaiian music, leis, roast pig, Hawaiian shirts, tropical decorations, and tropical drinks!


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2.Spa Shower: For a smaller group, pamper yourselves! Create a spa day at home or go out to the spa as a group.




3.Wine and Cheese Shower: Break out the wine! And, the cheese! This shower should be elegant - with varying wines and different cheeses for guests to try. This is one of the classier bridal shower themes!



4.Tea Party: Think English high tea! Break out the tea sets for this shower! There should be plenty of tea handy to drink (and don't forget the cream!). Foods should range from tea sandwiches to scones and jam to strawberries and cream. This can be a classy party or it can be silly like the Mad Hatter Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland - for this, think of asking all your guests to wear a funny hat to the party!



5.Romantic Movie Themed Shower or Book Themed Shower: Decorate in the theme of romantic movies or books! You can even name the entrees after them! For background music, choose movie soundtracks!



6.80s or Decade of your Choice Shower: This shower should be decorated as if it was taking place in the decade of your choice. Choose food, drinks, and background music that fit this era as well.


7. Animal Shower: Is your bride to be mad about animals? Do an animal-themed shower! Cute kittens, puppies, horses, etc! Have fun with it!


8.Picnic Shower: Have an old fashioned picnic for the shower. Get out the iced tea and lemonade, have a BBQ or pack sandwich lunches for the guests. And, don't forget the pie!



9.Country BBQ Shower: For a casual shower without much fuss, just have a BBQ at home! Hey, the ladies like their BBQ too! Add decorations like cowboy boots, bales of hay, horseshoes, etc.



10. Prom Shower: Every girl loves prom! Have a prom-themed wedding shower - decorate in theme! Tell guests to find their old prom wedding dresses! Decorate as if you were decorating for the prom! For example: Have a photo booth, punch bowl, etc.



11.Pajama Bridal Shower 
Having an all-girls shower? Why not throw the party in the evening and have all the guests come in their pajamas! Instead of traditional games, let your guests relax with facials, manicures and pedicures. These wonderful, relaxing activities will help alleviate the stress that the bride is feeling during this time.



12. Hawaiian Themed Party 
Say Aloha to the bride with this fun bridal shower theme! Hawaiian themed parties are great for any bride who loves to go to the beach. Decorate your shower with tiki torches and bright colors and give each guest her own lei as she walks in. You could also hire a professional to teach guests how to hula dance! Meanwhile, the bridal need to wear match to this theme party wedding hair combs style, shoes, and bridal dress.


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13.Pink Bridal Shower 
For the more feminine brides, "shower" the entire party with the color pink! Use pink decorations including flowers, tablecloths or dishes. Give guests a pink-colored candle as a favor. Such as, prepare pink clutch purse, mirror or wedding jewelry as a wedding gift for bridesmaid



14. Room of the House Bridal Shower 
Another great bridal shower theme is a Room of House shower. Each guest is assigned a particular room of the house, such as kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, and they must buy a present that would be used in that room.



For decorations, you could separate the party area into different "rooms" and have the bride move from "room to room"; while she opens her presents! 


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