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Planning A Perfect Wedding Anniversary Party In Budget

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When deciding on how to make that anniversary day as memorable as their lives together do some brainstorming and see what ideas you come up with.


Let's start in these 3 party


1)How to start wedding anniversary party

2)Guide you in choosing just the right anniversary favor party

3)Planning anniversary party in budget




1)How to start wedding anniversary party
There is no better reason to celebrate, and a party should really be in order. So, now the question - do you have any idea where to start?


Do you have any clue as to who to invite?

Generally, the guests would depend on whether this is a surprise wedding party or otherwise.


If it is a surprise party, and you are quite close to them, you should know all the important people in their lives. 


But if you are not that close to them, it might be better to let them into it so that those people who truly matter to them are present in the party.


It is best to let them decide who to invite.


Do you need ideas for the theme?

When planning a wedding anniversary party, remember that gold is the traditional symbol.


The theme and décor of the party can include accents of gold like golden candles, bows and ribbons or gold-rimmed white china. 


You might also want to place gold-framed photos of the couple from various stages of their married life in strategic places of the party venue.


A video or photo presentation of their love story, their ups and downs and their present activities can be made one of the highlights of the party. 


Be sure to start on this early as the production can be demanding. Do it while the party is still in the planning stage.


Do you want to involve the White House?

Believe it or not, you can actually request greetings from the White House for people celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary or their 80th birthday and beyond.


Having one signed by the President for this special party will be a treat for the couple.


Just make sure to send the request at least six weeks before the event. Expect the greetings to arrive 10 days before the day.


There are other things to consider like the venue, number of guests or whether it will be a formal affair. Always bear in mind the couple's preferences. 


Planning a 50th wedding anniversary party can be fun if you keep in mind these tips. Be honored to be part of such a celebration - one that is becoming rarer these days.


2)Guide you in choosing just the right anniversary favor party
These tips will guide you in choosing just the right anniversary favor for your happy occasion.


1.Inexpensive doesn't have to mean cheap. Don't run to the dollar store. You can find little gems online for a couple of dollars or less, if you hunt for them. 


It's worth taking a little time to search different websites if you end up saving money and finding something wonderful. Be willing to invest in browsing.


2.Practical beats pretty. Don't give into the impulse to give your guests a dust-collector, no matter how beautiful it looks. Instead, present them with anniversary favors they can use. 


A functional token will continuously remind them of your special day. That's because they will be using it, instead of storing it in a box in the garage.


3.Traditional shouldn't equal boring. If you're planning a very elegant event and feel compelled to include classic favors, they don't have to be ordinary. 


For example, you can use conventional little gold frames as place cards by adding printed prints with your guests' names.


Or update an engraved wine glass giveaway by filling it with gold wrapped candies.


4.Edible appeals to everyone. If you want a no-fail idea for anniversary favors, do something sweet. Who could resist a made to order chocolate bar covered with a personalized wrapper?


Or how about an adorable little tin filled with gourmet chocolates? 


You can find custom made fortune cookies with your message inside. There are brownies that are decorated with your text in icing. You'll find a wide assortment of goodies available to satisfy any taste.


5. Remember when? You can stir up nostalgia by choosing anniversary favors that encourage reminiscing.


People love to talk about the good old days, so these kind of mementos will encourage conversations at your party.


You could give a meaningful engagement rings from the year or decade of your marriage.


Or how about bookmarks, notebooks or magnets covered with facts, prices, songs, sports and movie trivia from they year you were married?


6. A picture's worth a thousand words. Photo anniversary favors are the ultimate show-stopper.


Whether you choose a wedding picture or a current one (or both), the image can be imprinted on a vast variety of items.


Magnets, keychains, candy bar wrappers, bookmarks, pocket mirrors, mini notebooks, coffee mugs and coasters are just a few possibilities.


The photograph of the celebrating couple can be such a nice reminder of the happy occasion.


7. A way to say thank you. Of course, the reason you give your guests tokens in the first place, is to way of expressing appreciation for sharing the celebration.


But if you'd like to put your thoughts into actual words, you can choose personalized anniversary favors with enough room to hold a longer message.


Items such as bookmarks or the back of a candy bar wrapper, for instance, contain enough space to add a personal thank you, quote or even a short poem.


It doesn't take much effort to find memorable anniversary party favors.


Take some time to browse online and you'll uncover abundant options.


Keep these tips in mind, and you'll be sure to find just the perfect keepsake to give to your guests.

3)Planning Anniversary Party in Budget

Here are some tips to help you planning anniversary party save costs.


1. Organizing the party.

Do you really need to hire a party planner?


Cut costs by getting a close pal or relative to coordinate the entire party.


2. Food.

Must you cater the food?


It may be cheaper to buy take out and present the food artistically on pretty plates for a buffet spread instead of hiring a caterer.


Better yet, if you have a pal who is a great cook with some showmanship and he or she is willing to play chef for your wedding anniversary, you could even have him prepare his specialty in an open kitchen as he plays TV chef and shows of his skills as an entertainer and a chef.


Or you could make it a pot luck and get each guest to bring his or her specialty instead of an anniversary gift.


Or you and your closest and dearest could cook up a storm in the kitchen to prepare a feast for all your guests.


3. Music

How about the music?

You could hire a professional live band to provide the background music but you must be prepared to pay a huge fee for their services.


Then again, you could hire a bunch of talented teens for their first ever gig, who would be willing to play for a token fee in return for the exposure they get. 


You could check out colleges, ask your friends if their kids or friends of their kids would like to play for your party.


Remember to audition the kids to see if their music really is suitable for your anniversary party.


Or you could get a DJ to play the music that would get guests in a partying mood.


Or (the cheapest option) you could just get CDs of your favourite music and put them in your CD player to provide background music for the party.


4. Anniversary gown

What will the wife be wearing for her grand entrance?


Can you fit your old wedding gown and tuxedo? If you can, that would be a great time to wear it.


If not, unless you foresee going to other black tie events in the near future, it might be more prudent to rent a gown or borrow one rather than buy a new one just for the party.


 As for the jewelry, you could use what you wore on your wedding day. Or you could buy new jewelry that looks absolutely stunning yet which is remarkably affordable. The trick is to go for CZ sterling silver jewelry Instead of diamonds, rubies or other precious gemstones.


5.Budget wedding gifts
When it comes to the selection of the gifts, there is a big notion that we wear on our minds. It is that the more you spend, the better gift it is. 


Well, the idea may work in some cases, but it is not the same in every case.


You cannot go overboard with your budget while buying the wedding gift as it may come heavy on your pockets and can affect your budget.


Let us talk about the cheap wedding gifts. Before selecting any cheap wedding gift, you must remember that it should reflect your thoughtfulness and not the cost. 


Say for example, you can get the wedding clutch purse in nice manner and present it to the newly weds as a souvenir.


It will not look cheap but would convey your felicitations in a unique manner. You can find on,here show great quality at afford price.


Or you can also give them some jewelry which will definitely be required for their new home. So such sterling silver necklace also not cost you much and they will make good wedding gifts.


6. Drinks

You would be surprised how much money you might end up spending on drinks if you aren't careful. Skip the alcohol.


Beside costing a lot of money, a drunken brawl wouldn't be a great way to remember your anniversary party by now, would it?


Then again, serving water or syrup would just seem too cheap.

How about a home made punch?


Here's a simple recipe.

  1. 1 large ripe watermelon
  2. 1 kg of whatever ripe fruits that are in season, which are very juicy.
  3. 4.5 liters (3 1.5l bottles) of 7up or sprite or ice cream soda
  4. 3 large, washed lemons finely sliced
  5. Lots of ice to dilute it so it wouldn't be too sweet.


Pour in the sodas, fruit juice and put in the slices of lemons for garnishing and to give the punch that zing.


If you want to save even more money, or if you run out of fruit juice, you can mix a different, more affordable punch.

  1. 3 liters of soda
  2. 1 bottle of rose syrup


As much water as it takes to dilute the mixture so that it is not too sweet.

Maybe 3 large, washed lemons finely sliced to stir into the punch and give it a classy flavour. 


Conclusion;There are many different ways that one can celebrate wedding anniversary. 


A big question is do you want want to have a large celebration that includes all of your loved ones, or were you hoping for something a little more intimate for just the two of you. 


Either choice is fine, and can be equally as lovely. It is really a matter of what you are looking for.


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