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20 Awesome Wedding Gifts Ideas To Given For Big Day(Ultimate Guide)

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Finding some great wedding gift ideas is to look for a need.


For example, my dad buying us the bed to help my wife feel better was greatly appreciated, and something that we could not buy for ourselves.


Otherwise, if the couple is having money problems, then more great wedding ideas can come from this too. 


Let's drive into now


1.Wedding Registry
The bride and groom have specifically chosen each item on their wedding registry as something that they want for their new home. So their wish list should provide you with some great wedding gift ideas. If you want to do something special for them, then one option is to get your wedding gift ideas from their registry. Look at what they have registered for, and choose one of the nicer items, or one you really know they want and may not get themselves if no one buys it for them. It will really mean something that you buy them something so thoughtful like that.


2.Personal Gift
If you are looking for some wedding gift ideas that are a little more personal than something off of their wedding registry, then tread carefully. If the bride and groom really wanted something, then chances are it is on their wedding registry. But if you know the couple very well and know that one of them has always wanted a particular item then go ahead. You don't want to be remembered as the guest who bought you this gigantic horrible painting of a kitten when what they really wanted was a vacuum cleaner.



3..You Have To Know Who You Are Buying The Wedding Gift For
If you are buying a gift for your best friend, then you could consider what your best friends' interests are. Does your friend like whodunit books? Then maybe you could scout around for hard-to-find whodunits that your friend has not read yet. Does your friend enjoy wearing perfume? Then maybe you could sniff around to track down a new perfume that he/she might enjoy but which has not caught on with others in your social group yet.


4.You Have To Know Why You Are Buying These Unique Wedding Gifts.
Unique wedding gifts basically are supposed to cement your relationship with the recipient even further and show how much you value the relationship. That is the commonality that cuts across all unique wedding gifts categories. But there is a difference between sincere gifts and gifts that attempt to steer a relationship in a direction that might be unpleasant for the recipient. That is why some people believe that they should not accept gifts no matter how unique or well-packaged due to their position in society. Civil servants are this way - and in some places there are specific laws that prohibit civil servants from accepting gifts of any sort while they are occupying a specific position in government. Such laws help guarantee the sanctity and integrity of their position in government so that the reputation of the civil servant remains unquestioned.



5.Wedding Dinner
You should not have to consider the elaborate arrangements that the bride and groom have made for their wedding dinner should suggest how much you need to spend on the gift.think about it this way: You're not expected to pay for your meal at a friend's dinner party, so why should you be expected to pay for a night of dinner and dancing at a wedding? A gift is separate from the party itself and should not be considered "the admission price to the wedding.



6.Gifts That Will Be Remember Forever
Custom made figurine sure will be special for the wedding couple commemorating their day and be able to make it as a personalized wedding gift. Moreover, they make memorable keepsake the wedding couple could proudly display as one of their precious wedding gift.
Any newlywed couple's special day will be made even more special if you give them the gift of themselves. Often the couple won't be expecting this so it will come as a great surprise and also greatly appreciated. You can imagine the looks of surprise on the faces of the bride and groom when they see themselves duplicated on the top of their wedding cake.


7.Engraved Champagne Flutes
A champagne flute is one of the most popular gifts for the bride and groom. You can make it even more special for the wedding couple by personalizing it. Get the bride and groom's name engraved on it along with the wedding date. In addition to it, you can also add a short personal message from yourself to the newlyweds.


8.Jewellery Gift

One of the unusual wedding gifts that you can present to both bride and groom are engagement rings of the same design. It can be a charm bracelet or a watch also but make sure that they match. The couple are likely to feel great wearing jewellery of the same design.


Fashion Engagement Ring For Partern


Fashion Chain Design 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet


9.Think of Money Pooling
The best gift idea would be buying a bulk gift with group of friends or group of relatives invited for the wedding. You can get a big gift as a group always which an individual alone can't think of affording. One good idea is to buy the couples a honeymoon package.



10.Consider A Cash Gift
Cash gift is the best Wedding gift that couples would love to receive but the one which they would never ask for. Cash gifts can be of any type, like a gift card from a shop or a preloaded credit card or cash in cover or can even be a cheque enclosed in a cover.


11.Whom To Address
If you are planning to send the gift before wedding date, address the gift to either bride or bridegroom to whom you are gifting. If the gift is offered on the wedding date or after the wedding, address the gift to both the names of bride and bridegroom.


12.Ship The Gift
If you are not attending the wedding ceremony and still thinking of sending a gift to the couples, ship the wedding gift either before or after wedding. Always remember to follow the above point based on the time you are sending the gift.


13.Specific Movies, Books or Music.
I've seen people give dvd or blu-ray movies as wedding gifts. A person could give a gay-oriented selection of books, music, or movies to make a statement or they might simply give some that they particularly enjoy. I suggest that either is good but the better gay or lesbian wedding offering might be to give a gift card instead so the couple can choose what they like.



14.Brand-Name Custom Gifts
You have to know that whether you have enough to buy brand-name custom gifts or should you stick to the more generic off-the-shelf type of gifts?
Sometimes, there is a world of difference between the quality of brand-name items and generic items; in other cases, sometimes you can barely tell them apart. Thus, the key to selecting good unique gifts lies in having an eye for quality too.


15.Bridesmaids Gifts
With all the hardship they have been through, it is just right to thank and appreciate bridesmaids by giving bridesmaids gifts. The bride must plan in advance on what presents to buy for her lovely attendants. Bridesmaids gifts doesn't have to be very expensive. Also, presents should be according to each bridesmaid's taste, interests and personalities. Personalized bridesmaids gifts are very popular nowadays. They can be anything, from personalized shirts, jewelry,clutch purse to etc.

The Fashion Wedding Party Evening Bag


16.A Vacation Gift 
It is a great wedding present but it's often from the parents. If you're a person that would give a honeymoon trip as a wedding gift then I want to invite you to my wedding. A trip to a place like San Francisco would be a lesbian or gay specific statement but a vacation in Fiji would be just a very nice wedding gift for a lesbian or gay couple.



17.Sexy Lingerie 
It’s will definitely help fire up their honeymoon. Picking out the color that will makes the bride glowing and sexy is a good start in finding the most suitable wedding gift for the bride.



18.Wedding Accessories
You can give accessories in some unusual ways, like giving them similar cell phones with an option of making unlimited calls between them or giving them similar types of bag with writing pad and pens, etc. Regardless of the gift you choose, make sure that you wrap them in some customized and unusual way. You can bring customization in wrapping papers, ribbons, knots or even the wish written upon the gifts. It makes the couple feel more special and your wish of unusual wedding gifts will also be honoured.

19.Shopping Online

Perhaps the best shopping alternatives for someone who is looking for the best wedding gift. There are so many online stores that cater different types of wedding gifts, from presents for couples, bridesmaids gifts, groomsmen gifts to even gifts for guests or what we called wedding favors. Most online products are available for personalization, which let you add you own personal touch. With personalization, you can engrave name, initials, date or even a special message and other wedding info onto your chosen present.


20.How Much Should I Spend On A Gift? 

The amount you should spend on a gift is one of those gray areas that vary based on the wedding location, your age and your budget. A typical amount, says Betsy Goldberg, features editor at Modern Bride magazine, is $75. If you bring a date, expect to give a present worth double that. Don't be afraid to ask other attendees what they plan to spend to get a better sense of what people within your social circle are giving, she says.Wedding Accessories Cost


Conclusion;Whatever unique wedding gift you choose an important key it to plan ahead. You do not want to try and do any of the above ideas the day before the wedding.


To make a gift personalized can take some time and you will want to leave two or more weeks to get the gift done.


So plan ahead, be creative and have fun with your wedding gift and you are sure to end up with something they will remember and cherish forever. Much better then just another toaster that will get returned.

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