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Handbag Industry Analysis Statistics Report


The handbag industry has grown so much that discovering the proper one can’t be difficult now. 


How Many Handbags Are Sold Each Year

Handbag industry revenues


The purses market is pushed using the rising trend industry, with purses enjoying as an essential trend statement. 


Revenue in the Handbags section quantities to US$62.04bn in 2022. The market is anticipated to develop yearly by 5.35% (CAGR 2022-2026).


In world comparison, most income is generated in the United States (US$11,980.00m in 2022).


Regarding the population figures, per-character revenues of US$8.15 will be generated in 2022. 


Revenue data chart


However, from a more granular view, the industry’s growth is attributable to online shopping’s increased popularity. As a result, online marketplaces’ convenience and value attract retail spending, particularly for low-customization products such as Luggage and handbags. 


The offline market segment accounted for the largest share of the global market. This is due to the popularity of exclusive brand stores and increased brand awareness, including various offers and schemes.


online offline chart


Revenue Comparison

Revenue in the Luggage and bags segment amounted to US$169.50bn in 2022. The market is expected to grow annually by 5.64% (CAGR 2022-2026).


In global comparison, most revenue is generated in the United States (US$27,340.00m in 2022).



Handbag Market Size

The global handbag market will reach USD 78.46 billion by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 6.7% for the forecast period. The call stood at USD 47.57 billion in 2020 and is estimated to attain USD 49.63 billion in 2021. Developing tourism and transport Industries and rising preferences toward top-class trend merchandise are possible to gas market growth. 

The North American market is projected to develop from USD 11.31 billion in 2021 to USD 17.91 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 6.8% in the forecast period.


Europe held the most significant share of over 34.0% in 2020 due to the excessive demand for fine purses. In addition, the growing buying energy of the customers drives the market in this region.


As the European market provides beautiful possibilities for the patron items sector, it is expected to witness a full-size boom over the forecast period.


Asia Pacific is expected to expand at the fastest CAGR of 6.0% from 2021 to 2028. It is attributed to the growing trend of luxury handbags in this region. An increase in disposable income in countries like China and India is also driving the market in this region. The rise of the digital economy and demographics and the reduction of productivity also impact market growth in this region.

The leather handbags market will be valued at USD 19.08 billion by 2028 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.01% from 2021 to 2028.


Tote Bag Market Size


The tote baggage market measurement is anticipated to extend by USD 5.85 billion from 2021 to 2025, registering a CAGR of 5.54%, according to the modern-day lookup file from Technavio. 


North America dominated the market with a 31% share in 2020. The excessive buying strength of consumers, excessive demand for accuracy, and rampant excess are the elements riding the market boom of tote baggage in this region.

Asia Pacific area is anticipated to develop at a CAGR of 12 p.c. Countries like China have been fundamental importers of bags. Increased buying and altering lifestyles are also predicted to demand tote baggage through the forecast period. Growing new trend trends, social media influences, and a developing younger populace are the elements using the market increase throughout the period.


Luxury Handbag Industry Analysis

How big is the luxury handbag market?

The luxurious purse market will be $ 89,939 million by 2026, owing to elements such as social media advertising and marketing via social media advertising strategy; the international grand purse market sights indispensable possibility is gaining traction, and finally, make more enormous its registration amongst its goal segments.


The Luxury Handbag Market is projected to develop at a CAGR of 5.60% in the forecast length (2019-2026), owing to the emergence of a younger populace. Amplify in disposable income, an upward range of working women, and a surge in affordability of luxurious merchandise are anticipated to pressure the market boom.


Handbag Market Segmentation


By Product Type

BackdropAvailability & Manufacturing Process
The Broad Mix
Bucket bag
Demi handbag
Drawstring bag
Doctor’s bag
Evening bag
FlapbaFlap bag 
Hobo bag
Shoulder bag
Signature bag
Satchel bag



North America
The U.S.
The U.K.
Asia Pacific
Central & South America
Middle East & Africa
South Africa


By Distribution Channel

Online Retail Stores
Offline Retail Stores


Luxury Handbag Market, By Gender



Handbag Brand

Loeffler Randall
Giorgio Armani
Kate Spade
Louis Vuitton
Michael Kors
Mulberry Group
Ralph Lauren
Rebecca Minkoff
Samsonite International
Vera Bradley Sales
Yves Saint Laurent


By Raw Material

Fabrics and Canvas 

Future Of Handbags

Based on the previous and a little on the present, right here are a few predictions about the scene of the fashion designer purse twenty extra great from today:


- A new cloth will emerge as very popular. The designs of these purses will change. The trend of bags may additionally be one-of-a-kind every season. One issue that is regular in the market of clothier luggage is innovation. Materials like bamboo are now used in making a bag. A few years in the past, bamboo had no area in handbags. Now, it is pretty popular. Twenty years from now, some clothes around us will become the trendy rage in fashion designer handbags.



- A new kind of bag will become a recognized mouse. The sorts of baggage maintain altering and reviving by need. Years ago, the cross-body bag was once an extensively regarded item. Today, you see nearly every teacher with a cross-body, with the wishes of the times, sorts, and buildings of baggage evolving.


- As the hoard of clients buying online is growing daily, in 2014, in nearly twenty years, all of us will be purchasing darker bags online. Today the advertising takes the line of lovely shops and stores. In the future, it will all be about the ease of discovering a particular product online, the velocity of setting an order, and the pace of delivery. The age of e-commerce will convey life in wholesale fashion designer handbags. There will be a lot of adjustments in the next twenty years, but it is not going to mean that the costs of fashion designer luggage will go down. Wholesale dressmaker purses will make extra baggage accessible and low-priced to the public.


Tips for Buying Handbags


Most purse fashions are too correct for the female to resist. Some ladies are loopy about purchasing handbags. The performance element is no longer vital for most ladies when buying bags. Instead, they do so for the class of the models. The producers have understood this improvement in the market and are coming up with extraordinarily stylish fashions.


The first-class method of picking a clutches purse is to shortlist some fashions and then examine them with one another. When evaluating, you must consider every component to make a proper decision. Some matters have great importance when it comes to shopping for handbags. Some of such elements are referred to below.


You must first recognize your priorities to figure out a purse that will work flawlessly. Storage wishes have to be given more significant interest than something for working women. However, if you’re not working and want to lift a purse to carry your essentials while traveling, pay attention to the fashion component more than the storage needs. In short, you have to pick bags with the aid of considering the non-public wants.




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