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Wedding Timeline Planner for Your Big Day(Collection Now)

by admin

                                                                     Photograph of Malatino and husband Mario on their wedding day by Danielle Nowak


You can save time by spending money on a professional wedding planner, they have the expertise and connections to help you get what you want without requiring you to do all the work.


If you don't have the money and plan on doing it yourself then it's important for you to become more flexible and not expect everything to be perfect.


These planners can help you remember things you may not have been thinking about, or didn't even know you had to do. They give you checklists, timelines, outlines, and different formats of how you should be writing out seating charts, lists, etc.


With these planners, you can become one of the most organized people overnight! They are that simple and helpful!


1. Set the wedding date. Everything hinges on this!
2. Decide if you are having a large wedding, small wedding, formal, informal - determine what your style is.
3. If you are having a large wedding, consider hiring a wedding consultant to assist you in planning. It will be worth it!
4. Who will help pay for everything? Meet with those that will help cover expenses to gauge how much money is available.
5. Once the date is set, reserve the ceremony and reception sites. Usually a deposit is necessary.
6. Choose your maid/matron of honor, bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen, etc.
7. Start making that guest list. Once you have a headcount, you can get a good idea as to how much the reception will cost. This is usually the largest expense.

1 year before the wedding
1. Send Save-the-Date cards to everyone on your guest list to ensure the largest turnout at your wedding. Guests will plan way in advance!
2. Register at a department store for wedding gifts. Macy's, Target, etc.
3. Meet with person conducting your ceremony - priest, local official, etc.
4. Decide (meet with them and see samples of their work) on caterer/menu, cake baker, florist, band/musicians/dj, photographer, videographer.
5. Order/decide on wedding gown, wedding hair combs/veil, underwear/pantyhose/bra, shoes, and wedding jewelry.

6 months before the wedding
1. Have any engagement photos taken. This is a good opportunity to try out the photographer.
2. Decide on honeymoon destination. Make reservations.
3. Decide on and shop for bridesmaids' outfits and accessories.such as bridesmaid dress,flower,shoes,clutch purse and hairpiece
4. Decide on and place orders for groomsmen formal wear such as tuxedos/shoes/etc.
5. Decide on wedding colors/themes so that mothers can start shopping for their dresses.

4 months before the wedding
1. Make sure that gown fits and can be altered if necessary.
2. Finalize the guest list.
3. Look into hotel accommodations for out-of-town guests.
4. Get your wedding invitations in order.
5. Start buying items for your wedding ceremony: unity candle, ring bearer pillow, flower girl basket, guest book and pen, garter, etc.

6. Start buying reception items: favors, cake topper, decorations, centerpieces, toasting glasses, serving set for cake, etc.

3 months before the wedding
1. Start getting those invitations addressed and determine proper postage amount.
2. Figure out how you are getting to wedding - limo, trusted friend, etc.
3. Set date and location for rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
4. Finalize the honeymoon plans and make sure all paperwork is completed. Get that passport if you need it!

2 months before the wedding
1. Confirm with vendors: caterer/menu, bakery for cake, florist, musicians/band/dj, photographer, videographer, etc.
2. Mail out the wedding invitations.
3. Keep track of who's coming and who's not.
4. Order wedding programs for ceremony. Meet with priest/official to finalize ceremony details.
5. Purchase bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts as a thank you.
6. Purchase gift for your groom.
7. Work out reception seating arrangements and final details.
8. Get placecards written out - get those bridesmaids to help on this one.
9. Make sure everyone that needs to attend knows where and when for rehearsal dinner.
10. Gather name change forms (bride).
11. Write wedding vows.
12. Write any toasts or speeches. Go over ideas with best man and maid of honor for their speeches so there are no surprises.
13. Get marriage license.

1 month before wedding
1. Practice hairstyle and makeup for wedding day.
2. Make sure your dress fits (bride and bridesmaids).
3. Keep a list of wedding gifts you've already received, thank you notes you've sent out, and rsvp list for guests.
4. Make sure wedding helpers know their jobs: reader, guest book attendant, gift table attendant, ushers, ring bearer, flower girl, servers, cleanup, etc..

1 week before wedding
1. Confirm one last time with all vendors.
2. Confirm reservations with ceremony location and reception location.
3. Make sure caterer/hotel knows final guest count for meals.
4. Pack your suitcases for the honeymoon.
5. Pick up wedding gown and store in safe place. Check fit one last time!
6. Groom and attendants need to pick up their outfits and store in safe place. Check fit!
7. Assemble wedding-day emergency kit: tissues, sewing kit, deodorant, cameras, extra pantyhose, makeup, mirror, toothbrush, breath mints, etc.
8. Go to bed at a regular hour so you look your best on your wedding day.
9. Relax. You're almost ready to be married!
Please use this timetable as a guideline. Get your own custom list together in Microsoft Word or Excel and add or subtract to fit your special requirements.


1 Day 
Review your checklist to make sure nothing missed 
Pack for your honeymoon 
Get pedicure and manicure 
Take relaxing bath 
Give engagement rings to best man 
Have good night sleep - very important

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