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Wedding Cost- Who Pays For What (Statistics)

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When setting your wedding budget, start by asking what amount, if any, your parents are willing to contribute. They may wish to cover some, if not all, of the services and items on your list. Modern tradition still observes the following financial allocations:


First, let’s see some wedding cost statistic from valuepenguin


Least Expensive Places


Wedding Features


Least Expensive Wedding Features

Wedding cost- who pays for what 


Let’s break down


Bride's Family 
Tradition states that the bride's family paid for everything involved in the wedding ceremony expenses, reception expenses, flowers, music, rentals, stationery, photography and videography, and even the bachelor party. The exceptions are the rehearsal dinner (that was the groom's family), the honeymoon (the couple), gifts to the bridal party (the couple again), and attire, personal care and transportation for the bridal party and/or out of town guests (this is usually handled by the individual, although the couple could offer if able)


How Much Does Wedding Accessories Cost In 2019 (Worth Collection)


Groom's Family 
The groom's family is traditionally responsible for the rehearsal dinner.


The Bride 
The bride is responsible for her wedding jewelry, if her groom isn't gifting it to her, her gown and accessories if her family isn't paying for it, her groom's cuff links or other jewelry, unless he's paying for it, and all of her pre-wedding personal care and party outfits.


The Groom 
The groom is responsible for his wedding day jewelry if his bride isn't gifting it to him, his tux and accessories (no expectation of his family to foot the bill), He is also expected to pay for the marriage license fees.


The Couple 
Traditionally, the couple purchases each other's wedding rings, as well as each other's wedding gifts, if they are exchanging them. They also are expected to pay for any additional expenses for the honeymoon.


The Bridal Party 
The bridal party pays for their own attire, including accessories and hair and makeup if necessary. The bride or the couple offers to hide these prices, however, it's not expected or needed. folks of any youngsters within the bridal party area unit expected to hide the price of their outfits likewise. Members of the bridal party area unit expected to hide their own travel prices and accommodations likewise.


Here show you the list;


Bride and/or Family Expenses
Hosts first Engagement wedding party
Cost of any wedding consultants you hire
Bridal dress, veil and  wedding hair accessories
Wedding Stationery - includes: Invitations, Thank You notes, Wedding programs
Groom's wedding ring
Pre-wedding Party and Bridesmaids Luncheon
Bridesmaids & Flower Girls bouquets and corsages
Photography and/or videographer -
Wedding guest book and other small accessories
The total cost of the ceremony - includes: location, flowers, music, any rental items
The total cost of the reception - includes: Hall,clutch purse for bridesmaid, flowers, music, food, beverages, cake, party favors and decorations
Cost of transportation for the bridal party to the ceremony and reception
The expense of any medical test the bride needs for the marriage license


Groom and/or Family Expenses
Bride's wedding ring
Groom's family may host an engagement party (should follow any engagement party hosted by the bride's family)
The groom's formal wear and all accessories
The bride's bouquet and going away corsage
Boutonnieres for the men in the wedding party
Corsages for all mothers and grandmothers (Including the Bride's Family)
Marriage license and officiant's fee
Rehearsal Dinner
All Honeymoon expenses
Gifts for the groom's attendants
Cost of any medical tests the groom needs for the marriage license
Bridesmaids / Maid of Honor Expenses
Purchase of bridesmaids' dress and all accessories


Wedding gift for couple
Hotel accommodations and travel expenses if necessary
Shower and/or luncheon for the bride
Best Man and Ushers Expenses
Rental of wedding attire
Transportation to and from location of the wedding
Gift for the couple
Bachelor party/dinner for the groom
Hotel accommodations when necessary
Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Expense
Children's' parents are responsible for the cost of all wedding attire
Parents are responsible for any travel expenses (including hotels if necessary)


Maid of Honor, Best Man, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
The rest of the marriage party, apart from different family like grandparents, have specific monetary responsibilities.Depending on the couple's preferences, these can sometimes get a little expensive. If you are invited to participate, hopefully your bride/groom will be sensitive to this. These are the costs you would be expected to cover:

Bridal shower and bachelorette party/hen night (done by the maid of honor, but bridesmaids can help)
Bachelor party/stag night (typically done by the best man, but groomsmen can help)
Your own dresses/suits, shoes, and accessories (except for bouquets and boutonnieres)

Presents for the couple
A few debatable expenses are the drinks at the reception and accommodation for out-of-town members of the wedding party. Many people say that the groom's family is responsible for the drinks at the reception. 


Conclusion;Having a plan and sticking to it also keeps couples and families from arguing later on and everyone will know what to expect. The wedding cost should be discussed with everyone involved as early as possible. These are the things that will help to make your day stress free and memorable.

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