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25 Brighter and Light Pink Wedding Dresses for bridal and bridesmaid

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Photography by Dyanna LaMora

Pink dresses have become one of the most popular dresses for weddings. Pink is also a favorite of many women.


It is feminine and it exemplifies romance, sweetness and love.


You may get some unusual attention from your guests when you wear a hot pink dress on your wedding day. The reason could either be, they love the color of your dress or they may think you are breaking the traditional wedding.


Whatever they are thinking, the most important thing is that you love the way you look, and you feel comfortable with your gown.


So here show you some pink dress match to accessories ideas before your pink;


Match Bridal jewelry to the pink dress
Bridal Jewelry Suggestion: Strapless gowns are incredibly versatile when it comes time to picking jewelry. Nearly any style of the necklace will work - choker dropped or multiply stranded.


The strapless pink dress allows women to go sterling silver necklace to show off an open upper body and wear great drop earrings.


Match bridal shoes to a pink dress
When you start shopping for your bridal shoes, you want to keep in mind certain things about your dress to get a good match. The color of your dress is one thing. If you wish to match it, definitely get a swatch you can take shopping with you.


However, do not feel like you are limited to white or ivory shoes; a lot of brides these days are making a splash with blue, green, red, or metallic footwear.


It is a fun way to add personality to your attire and also makes the shoes more likely to be worn again after the wedding.


And if you are splurging on a to-to-die-for pair of designer heels, every little bit of justification for the price helps!


Match purses to the pink dress
Matching accessories, especially purses are also available in a wide range. These small clutch purses are just ideal for bridal as they can easily hold them with the bouquets and the flower baskets.


The clutch purse is available in matching colors to the pink dresses and are adorned with embellishments like stones and satin flowers. Some of them also feature embroidered thread work.


Apart from the purses, accessories such as veils, waist belts, wrist bands, wedding headbands, and wreaths and wedding tiaras can also be purchased with these elegant pink dresses.


These accessories provide a stylish and beautiful look to the bridal.


Here show you 25 brighter and light pink wedding dresses for bridal


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