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Great Ideas for Wedding Planning Checklist and Timeline(Collection Now)

by admin


A wedding planning checklist will detail every task and element that needs to be done when planning a wedding over a certain time frame.


They will include tasks such as finding a reception venue, choosing the wedding stationery and collecting the wedding cake.


The best checklists will go into great detail including everything from choosing the bridesmaids accessories to having a trial run of your hair and makeup. How to Plan Your Wedding Planning, Checklists and Budgets


Your wedding accessories planning checklist may be influenced by various factors. Depending on your family traditions and religious beliefs, you may have certain things that you do in preparation for the wedding or during the wedding. You don't want to forget those things. For instance, honoring a father or a mother that may not be present, sending out "save the date" announcement cards, or announcing your gift registry.


When you start planning a wedding one of the best things to do is purchase a day planner.


If you already use a day planner, you might consider using a separate one for your wedding. Using a day planner will help you to remember all the details of the wedding that need to be handled. When you use a day planner for your wedding, you will be able to list important appointments.


You can also add deadlines for things that need to be done ahead of time and write down timelines for other things.


Once you have your wedding day planner, you need to write down a list of everything that needs to be done. This list can include some or all of the following.


Set a date 

Reserve the church 

Select the pastor 

Reserve the room for the reception 

Decide on the colors 

Decide who will be in the wedding party 
Purchase your dress 

Reserve the tuxedos 

Decide on the flowers 


Purchase your guestbook and pen 

Purchase the gift list book 


Food for reception 

Register for gifts 


Buy clutch purse,flower and wedding jewelry for bridesmaid as gift

Decorations for church and reception room 

Send information to the newspaper 

Get the marriage license 

Reserve the photographer 

Reserve the music for the reception 

Help groom with rehearsal dinner 

Reserve room for the wedding night 

Decide on honeymoon

This is a small wedding planning checklist.


It highlights just a few things that need to be done before your special day.


When you write this all down and decide on dates for these to be accomplished, you will feel so much less stress than you would if you didn't. Forgetting something is terrible for everyone involved.

You can go online to get a detailed wedding planning checklist. This list will help you with every detail of your wedding planning , from dates to things you may have otherwise forgotten about.


You may also be able to purchase a wedding planning checklist at a wedding shop or bookstore as well.


Once you have all the dates in place on your wedding planning checklist you need to start moving those dates to your day planner so you won't have to go back and forth between the checklist and your day planner and run the risk of missing something important.

Planning a wedding is a wonderful time for a bride and groom. When you are prepared in advance with a wedding planning checklist and a day planner, your wedding date will arrive and you will feel wonderful about everything you have prepared for yourself, your groom and your guests.


I am going to give you a head start on your planning timeline which I am sure you have been dying to have!! Remember, depending on how far in advance you plan, this timeline will definitely be adjusted.


So just alter it as you need to but make sure you use it as a checklist to ensure nothing is forgotten!


12+ Months: 
- Book your venues (ceremony and reception) 

- Choose your colors and theme 

- Hire a wedding coordinator (which I highly recommend for at least the day of the wedding!) 

- Purchase your wedding dress

- Send out save-the-dates


8-10 Months: 
- Choose your bridal party 

- Order bridesmaid dress (these may take almost as long as your dress!) 

- Hire your wedding officiant (and begin marriage classes, which I would also highly recommend!) 

- Book your caterer (if not included through the venue) 

- Book your photographer and videographer 

- Take engagement photos 

- Hire your band and/or DJ 

- Book your florist 

- Sign up for gift registries


5-7 Months: 
- Order your wedding invitations 

- Arrange guest hotel accommodations 

- Design your wedding cake 

- Book your honeymoon 

- Choose your wedding bands


3 Months: 
- Select and get fitted for tuxedos 

- Reserve any additional rental items needed (chairs, tables, arch, lounge furniture, photobooth, etc.) 

- Arrange transportation/limousine services (if needed) 

- Order wedding favors 

- Decide on your bridal party gifts 

- Book your rehearsal dinner


1-2 Months: 
- Send DJ/band wedding music list 

- Order wedding programs (if being used) 

- Apply for your marriage license 

- Finalize wedding accessories 

- Book your hair/makeup and have a trial run 

- Purchase your wedding hairpiece,such as bridal hair combs,hairpin,hairclip and wedding jewelry


2 Weeks: 
- Finalize all details and timelines with vendors 

- Call all guests who haven't RSVP'd 

- Confirm all plans for rehearsal dinner 

- Complete floor plan and seating chart 

- Confirm all vendor delivery times/set-up times 

- Confirm final menu selections

1 Week: 
- Make last adjustments to seating chart (yes, you will receive changes from guests!) 

- Confirm honeymoon plans (make sure you have all necessary documents together) 

- Pick up tuxedo's and dress 

-Choose beautiful designer handbags for bridesmaid as gift

- Have a relaxing massage!


1 Day: 
- Confirm all items are together (personal and event-related) 

- Get your manicures, pedicures, and any hair touch ups needed 

- Get a good night's sleep!


- Just relax and have fun - things WILL go wrong but that is just how it goes! 

Your wedding day will be amazing regardless!!

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