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10 Critical Steps to Planning Bridal Shower Decorations(Great Ideas)

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When you are getting ready to host a bridal shower, consider to take enough time for planning and relax.


Your shower should be a fun time to be with your family and friends again, and should not cause you stress. So here are some easy tips to keep you on the right path when hosting a bridal shower yourself.


Here show you 10 critical steps to planning bridal shower decorations


10. Determine the number of your guests. Making your guest list will help you determine just about everything about the bridal shower.


If it is not a surprise party, talk to the bride or to the couple, if it is a coed shower. The number of people that should be invited needs to be determined ahead of time - this should be settled before you begin planning.


9. Determine what is the time of the day. This is a helpful tip for catering food at the bridal shower party. For example, a brunch will be easier to plan than a shower that is held late in the evening when a meal is expected. If the shower party will be held late in the afternoon, it is not necessary to have a large meal. Rather, you can serve a simple fare, such as fruit and finger foods.


8. Determine the budget. Before you send out any invitations, know your budget first. If you have a tight budget, settle with what you can only afford and stick to it. Overspending is definitely not a good choice.


Let the bride know your budget and work together to plan the shower. If you want, there are always great ways to plan an elegant shower without spending a lot of dollars.


7. Location
Select a location that can handle the guest list. For example, if you have 50 people attending, you may need to rent a hall or see if a local church would welcome your event. If it's a smaller guest list, you could hold it in a private home, maybe even on a pretty patio if the weather allows.

You also need to consider decorating the space when you select your location. A pretty patio may not need crepe paper, but you might want to incorporate a floral theme in keeping with what's in bloom outside. 

On the other extreme, a rented hall could really use some decorations to set the mood for the occasion. But if you decided to hold the shower in a restaurant, your decorations will be limited. Focus instead on name cards, favors and centerpieces for the tables.


6. Bridal & bridesmaid   
Wedding jewelry can be simple and sophisticated or bold and colorful for bridesmaid wear decoration. This is a very personal choice that that bride will make when choosing her wedding dresses and bridal party attire.


Sometimes traditional jewelry will be passed down the generations within a family, bridal accessories can include earrings, bracelets, wedding tiaras and bridal hair combs to name a few.


5. Theme
The theme should reflect the bride's taste. Of course, if the shower is a surprise, you will have to depend on those who know her best to guide your decision. 

4. Decorations
The outdoor surroundings will act as decorations - lush greenery, beautiful flowers and alleys will add to the appeal of your party. You should also think about additional decorative items that will enhance the atmosphere.


Lanterns are a typical type of wedding decoration for garden parties and outdoor bridal showers. Flowers, pebbles, seashells and other natural items can be used to add to the party theme.


3. Clutch purse
The hostess of the party lists items that are commonly (and not so commonly) found in a woman's purse. As she names each item from the list, shower guests will search their purses to see if they have the item.


For each item that she finds, the guest will get one point. At the end of the list, the guest with the most points receives a prize.


2. Centerpieces 
Another great option for centerpieces is to go for a beautiful table runner. Romantic and unique, a rose petal table runner is a gorgeous addition to any table.


In pink and blue shades, this fantastic runner looks just like rose petals, signaling romance and love on the day of the bridal shower without being cheesy or corny about it. Once you're done, this gorgeous table runner can be re-used again and again.


Many have used it as a rug in their little girl's room, or taken it out and put it on the dining room table come holiday season. For a romantic, garden party feel, bring nature in with a rose petals table runner.


1. Food
Food plays an important role during any type of bridal shower. Think of the dishes that correspond to the theme and that are also suitable for consumption in hot weather.

Beach parties go well with cocktails. You can also have several types of exotic dishes but try to have a wide range available - some people will be uncomfortable with very spicy or unusual tastes. Fruits, vegetable platters, cheeses and many types of salads will be great for an outdoor party. 

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