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How to Choose a Plus Size Wedding Dresses(9 Tips)

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Think about what wedding dress style looks great on you. If you are a plus-size bride who wants to accentuate your cleavage, gowns with halter or sweetheart neckline are wonderful choices to help you do the trick.


If you desire to mask the width of your hips, go for wedding dresses with A-line skirts. When selecting the right material for your gown, stick to fabrics that drape your figure instead of clinging to it. 


Here are 9 tips to help plus size women find the best wedding gown for one of the most anticipated events in their lives.


Know Your Body Shape


Do Not (I Mean, Absolutely Not) Settle Uncomfortable


Do Yourself A Favor, Avoid Puffs and Pleats


Plus size wedding dresses match to accessories


Earrings Match to Dress


Necklace Match to Dress


Bracelet Match to Dress


Shoes Match to Dress


Carry a Clutch Purse Match Dress


1.Know Your Body Shape
First, plus size women must gain a complete understanding of their body's shape and size.


Some plus size women might think that they are totally deprived of those great curves, but they are not; they are simply bigger than the usual body sizes.


It is still very important to determine a woman's body shape, whether it is an hourglass, round, A, H or V-shaped.


Just like dresses in normal sizes, there are do's and don't for these body types that are also applicable for plus size women to ensure that emphasis is given to the body's best asset.


2. Do Not (I Mean, Absolutely Not) Settle For Being Uncomfortable
Plus size women must not compromise comfort over the fit of the wedding dress.


Some women might think that becoming uncomfortable but looking great for one of the best days of their lives is a worthy sacrifice. But think again.


This is one of the happiest moments in a woman's life and making great memories is a lot easier if the bride can dance and move freely with the wedding gown.


Every good wedding dress is designed to bring out the best in every woman without making them feel uncomfortable.


Look for wedding dresses that are made of high quality fabric and depicts the designer's unparalleled workmanship because these pieces often take into account the woman's body shape and comfort.


Some fabrics are stretchable or flexible to allow brides to move with ease.


3. Do Yourself A Favor, Avoid Puffs and Pleats
Lastly, avoid the puffs and pleats. Puffy sleeves can add more plumpness and pleats tend to make the bride look bigger.


Sticking to the traditional A-line plus size wedding dress is still one of the best options for plus size brides. 


Plus size women can begin their search over the World Wide Web to save time and find the best places that accommodate plus sizes on their dresses.


Most local boutiques and shops have their websites or in some cases, their virtual stores open online.


The most important thing is that the wedding dress fits perfectly. You are only getting married once, so be prepared to spend time finding the right wedding dress, if you compromise on your wedding dress you will be reminded of it every time you look at the photos from the day.


When trying on different styles of dress, make sure that the dress complements your voluptuous curves and doesn't accentuate parts that you don't want people to take notice of.


The perfect wedding dress isn't only about the dress, you should try on fitted bodices that have slight drop, Basque waist or the V shape waist.


It would be a good advice to keep to designs that give you the impression of having some waist line and stay away from flat horizontal designs that shows and worse, highlight, the waist area.


4.How to Plus Size Wedding Dresses Match to Accessories
A lovely evening gown or wedding dress can be made even more stunning with the right accessories. In fact, on OK dress and be made beautiful with the right jewelry or shoes or another piece.


It's not about hiding your features or dress. You don't want to go overboard! Here are just a few simple, but sophisticated accessories that can really set off plus size gowns.


5.How Earrings Match to Dress
Earrings a basic and popular (some say necessary) touch for your outfit or dress. Many times, it's the only thing you need with an evening gown.


The simpler the dress, the bolder you can go with earrings. Same thing for your hair - if you go with an elaborate design, keep the sterling silver earrings very simple.


If going bold, think chandelier earrings, shoulder dusters, or other earrings that have a bold but simple design.


If you wear your hair shoulder-length or shorter or you sweep your long hair in an updo, drop earrings will show you off well.


If going simple, it is hard to go wrong with a simple gold, silver, or diamond earrings.


6.How Necklace Match to Dress
A simple strand of pearls is gorgeous, classic and timeless. In particular, it will enhance a strapless or off-the-shoulder dress.


With sterling silver necklaces, a simple design of gold, silver, or diamond can be alluring.


7.And How Bracelet Match to Dress
Sterling silver bracelets are not for everyone, but if you like a little flash on your wrist, add one or two for a simple touch.


These look best with a sleeveless dress and remember wear it only on one wrist for a more elegant look. And nothing noisy.


8.How Shoes Match to Dress
Don't forget your most important accessory - your shoes. It is crucial that your gown is complemented by an appropriate pair of shoes to complete your elegant look.


As always simple is best. Your shoes do not have to match completely as long as the color is complimentary. And no need to go for straps, glitter or even super height if your gown will largely be covering the shoe.


9. How to Carry a Clutch Purse Match Dress
A clutch purse is an absolute must-have for every woman. If you don't have it in your wardrobe then it's about time that you shop for that exclusive clutch bag.


This clutch bag has transcended all fashion genres and has now emerged as the ideal accessory, which gives a dazzling look to your whole getup. 

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