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Top 7 Unique Valentines Day Ideas for Her and Him

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The most romantic day of the year is Valentines Day for couples or single.


Whether you are single or in a relationship there is always something to do and hopefully someone to do it with.


Well this article is for those who have really no clue as to where to take that special person for Valentines Day.


Instead of worrying about what you are going to do and where you are going take him or her, take a lesson and check out a few of these ideas below.


1.Stay Home: I know this is supposed to be places TO GO for Valentines Day, but home is a place to go.


For Valentines Day you do not have to go all out with some extravagant dinner or event, but instead just be homebodies.


It can become a very nice and romantic night in the comfort of your living room.


2.Sporting Event: This one may be more for the guys than the ladies, but it can still be fun.


Make it a surprise, and you will see how much your sports fan will appreciate.


This is certainly not the most romantic place to be but it can make for a very fun night.

3.Hotel Room: Going to a nice hotel can be a great way to spend Valentines Day.


It should not be much of a drive, but it is still something different that the both of you can enjoy.


Spice things up with some roses and get a room with a nice view. It might only be one night, but make it a night to remember.


4.Picnic: You can do a picnic either during the day or underneath the stars. Have it planned out to where it is arranged for when you all arrive.


You will want to pick a nice quite place where there is not much traffic, and a great view of the outdoors.


A picnic never fails to impress someone.


5.Go out with Friends: Even though Valentines Day has a romantic ring to it, that does not mean you have to spend it with just the two of you.


A fun way to spend Valentines Day is with friends.


Get a couple of your closest friends together and go out somewhere.


This is a great way to spend Valentines Day with friends and your special someone.


6.Opera or Play: Just like going to a sporting event may be more for the guys than ladies, going to the opera or play is more for the ladies rather than guys.


Find a local playhouse that your significant other has mentioned and surprise him or her with a special night.


It might not be something you want to do, but he or she will truly appreciate you for thinking of them.


7.Valentine's Day gifts:It can take your relationship to the next level as these are not just gifts but feelings wrapped in love. This special day comes once every year, so every lover wants to celebrate this day uniquely.


Valentine's gifts for her:Do ladies love anything more than jewelry? I don't think so. Some other great gifts for ladies include Valentine's Day chocolates or cakes, CD of her favorite songs, flowers,sterling silver jewelry, night gown,evening bag,and scrap-book containing your photos, letters and mementos of the quality time you spent together.


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Valentine's gifts for him
There is a vast array of valentines gifts for men including flowers, valentines cards, valentine E-cards, photo frames, colognes, baskets of snacks and if you want to get a little naughty you can send him a Valentine's Day toilet paper.


To choose the best gift, all you have to keep in mind is your budget and his taste.


If you want to go one step ahead, you can cook a dinner for two, served in the light of heart shaped candles.


Don't forget to add his favorite dish in the menu and valentines chocolates as dessert.

Conclusion;Remember, you do not need to buy pricey Valentine's Day gifts to enthrall your beloveds, just choose something in accordance with their predilection and present in a style they will never stop thinking about.


These Valentine's Day ideas can really reinforce your bonds and make your love everlasting!


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