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Top 7 Unique Options Birthday Gifts for Wife

What kind of gift do you usually give your love one during her birthday? Have you been giving the same kind of gifts for every time she celebrates her birthday each year?


Well, if you have, then maybe it's time for you to make it a little more different this time.

Make your birthday gifts sexier and bolder. It can be exotic or erotic. The important thing is that you will both enjoy the day with the gifts you have for her. I will provide you some sexy ideas in making your birthday gifts sexy.

There are various jewelry pieces that will be loved by women when presented by you as a birthday present.


Jewelry featuring pearls are some of the most coveted birthday presents. Sterling silver jewelry is especially coveted and there are various pieces available to suit any budget.


Some of the best diamond jewelry include the diamond angel wing pendant that is both beautiful and inspirational and makes one of the best birthday gifts for her.


925 Sterling Silver Purple Bracelet


Other diamond jewelry that is necessary in any woman's jewelry box are diamond studs that are suitable for any outfit whether casual or business.


Sterling silver bracelets are also highly coveted and will be appreciated as birthday gifts.


The especially beautiful diamond and blue sapphire tennis bracelet from diamonds-USA is a stunning item that makes one of the best birthday presents for women.

2.Quality Bags
Women can never have enough bags which means that if you purchase a really great quality clutch bag, she will not only appreciate this gift but also use the bag frequently and not let it languish in the back of her closet.


Tassels Ring Design Evening Purse For Bridal


There are various clutch purse that can be purchased for various prices from designer to others. For cheaper bags that are also trendy and fabulous, Jessica Simpson or Big Buddha brands are excellent.


Other designer bags that are excellent quality but not ridiculously expensive include Linea Pelle, Rebecca Minkoff, etc.


3.Sterling silver cross necklaces

In many Christian countries, Sterling silver necklace is a popular gift item during baptism or during a child's seventh birthday.


First communicants usually wear this during the ceremony as a symbol of their acceptance of Christ.


925 Sterling Silver Birthstone Necklace


In the past, you often get to see only priests and religious wearing cross necklaces, but anybody else wears cross necklaces these days as an accessory.


You can wear your shiny silvery necklace anytime you feel like ... and anywhere.


Whether you are at the mall, at school, or at church, wearing Sterling silver cross necklaces makes you more confident ... more secured ... more protected because you are wearing Jesus in your heart. 


4.Engagement ring

The fashion world will always remain a leap ahead of the expectations of people.


Charming 925 Sterling Silver Free Ring Size Adjusters


But the thing that surprised most is the style of new jewelry is truly inspired by the vintage style.


Yes! Nowadays, we can see that Vintage Design jewelry is immensely populated among youngsters.


Therefore, the craze of Vintage jewelry is at the edge that a large number of couples prefer Vintage Engagement Ring.


4.Drop earrings

Silver drop earrings were lovely, and there was a variety of designs available, but in the end I didn't think she'd like them as much, so I didn't look as long through them.


925 Sterling Silver Female Fashion Diamond White Flower Earrings 


It was a bit overwhelming for me actually, and I knew that her tastes were usually simpler than some of the drop earrings available, so I mostly browsed through these.


Silver gold earrings were beautiful, but sadly out of my budget. As the helpful(?) clerk explained, there were also gold-plated earrings that were cheaper, but call it pride or stubbornness or whatever you want, but I didn't want to get gold-plated earrings.


I like my girlfriend, but considering that neither of us have a ton of money, and that we've never spent hundreds of dollars on each other at once, I figured that this could wait for a potential spot down the road.


5.Leather handbags

Leather handbags are quite expensive but still people prefer buying these as they are a perfect combination of style, elegance and functionality.


Bags have always been one of the most important accessories in a woman's wardrobe.


Clutch Bags For Women Handbag


They add class, style and charm to their overall personality.


A woman would always like to select some options that can be carried on both formal and informal occasions.


Leather options are sophisticated that can be carried to suit any occasion.


Some women prefer carrying these to their workplace too. 


6.Hair accessories

Choose accessories for your hair depending on the occasion. You can get accessories in different styles, from classy elegant to funky and cool.


Sweet Wedding Hair Comb Clip


You might want to pick trendy hair accessories that make a statement on your night out with friends, on the other hand stick to classic designs on formal occasions like office events or weddings.


Always keep in mind the hairdo that you have planned for the particular occasion and choose your accessories accordingly. If you are sporting a boho-chic hair style, you can get cutting edge accessories to go with it.


7.Sterling silver ring

You can go shopping for amethyst sterling silver rings and make the perfect gift. Is your girl's birthday coming up and you're out of ideas when it comes to her gift?



Fashion Engagement Ring For Partern


Then you should think big. You don't have to invest a lot of cash, but she needs to know that whatever you're buying is of the highest quality.


If, on the other hand you're seeking for an engagement ring, things will get a bit complicated. This time around, it's not only about high quality, it's also about uniqueness.


You should buy her a one of a kind engagement ring; if you're not familiar with the popular stores, online you'll come across retailers that make custom rings.


You'll have to speak to the vendor and explain exactly what you're seeking for.

Conclusion;Birthdays are a big event, it is a time where you celebrate becoming an adult, party hard, receive plenty of great gifts and generally have an awesome time.

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